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Shipping Information

A feature that is vital to our success in the toilet partition industry is our packaging. We have designed a special type of cartoning that we refer to as the cellular poly crate, which has proven to further reduce freight damaged material. 99% of the Baked Enamel toilet partition orders arrive to the jobsite damage-free. We know that this is of utmost importance to contractors and building owners, because the order can be installed and finished in a timely manner, rather than returning to the jobsite later to replace damaged materials.

Ultra Express Program

2 Day Ultra Express Shipping

We offer a special ultra express program, for your fast-track toilet partition needs. This program allows us to ship your partitions in 2 working days at no up-charge. The program includes many colors and most materials that General offers.

*International Orders

Program begins after receipt of all dimensions, information and payment. Please allow up to 3 additional days to process export paperwork.

*Order on the GP configurator, or click here to use our online Ultra Express ordering system.