General Partitions manufactures a full line of toilet partitions. We not only offer one of the finest quality toilet partition in the industry but we stand behind it with our many years of manufacturing experience allowing us to fabricate and ship on time.

Our experienced engineering department will work closely with you to design your shower and dressing areas. We will recommend the right design for your application, helping to select the material that will withstand the harsh moisture, while still meeting your budget.

Urinal screens are manufactured to the same quality standards as the toilet partition themselves, in many different styles and finishes. As an item that receives much misuse and abuse, it is important to specify the design, and material that will stand up to the environmental conditions of the project. As with the toilet partitions, and showers, we will be help with determining the best option for your application, and budget.

General Partitions solid plastic locker is constructed of a one-piece HDP body with no mechanical fasteners or hardware. The locker frame is attached using full length dado joints secured by continuous plastic welds. The continuous spring-loaded latch mechanism provides a vertical lift that is designed to accept a padlock. The latch mechanism is attached to the length of the door, providing a continuous, secure latch.

We Manufacture Toilet Partitions not Excuses

In its corporate life, General Partitions has remained one of the few organizations of any size in the toilet partition industry, which is internally owned and operated.

We believe that the key to success in our industry is quality and service. Since toilet partitions are one of the last products to be installed in a building, it is vital that shipping schedules be maintained. Our policy has been to carefully establish realistic schedules and stick to them. Our customer service is handled by people who care, and are able to answer your questions. At General Partitions, we manufacture toilet partitions not excuses.

What Our Customers Have To Say:

I want to communicate to you our satisfaction with your Fiberglass Reinforced Panel toilet partitions. We have installed this product in 10 of our school toilet rooms, and the improvement in the function of the rooms and their overall appearance has been dramatic.

We settled on your FRP partitions after purchasing and installing various types and makes of partitions throughout our District, as a test. Besides your partitions, we also installed custom-made plywood, phenolic, solid plastic and stainless steel.

While each of the compartment types has advantages and disadvantages, we decided that your product was preferred in terms of overall appearance, ease of installation and economic value.

This District will continue to watch for superior products that may develop in this field, but for the foreseeable future we will continue to use your excellent compartments in our efforts to improve the toilet rooms in our schools.


Bill Martin
District Architectural Drafter
Eugene School District $J

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  • A toilet partition manufacturer that you can trust to ship your orders on time
  • Packaging designed to eliminate freight damage.
  • Highly experienced team of estimators and Engineers to assist you with your toilet partition requirements.


  • A team of leaders who insist on manufacturing a top quality toilet partition.
  • Double reinforced corners on all steel toilet partitions.
  • State of the art Powder Coating system to electrostatically apply the finest finish coat in
    the industry.