General Partitions Advantages

General Partitions has remained one of the few organizations of any size in our industry which is internally owned and operated.

Generals’ metal panel skins are bonded under pressure to each cell of the sound deadening Ribcore with an adhesive that is impervious to moisture. General utilizes a tight ¾” cell size to ensure greater bond and rigidity. On all metal toilet partitions, corner clips are mechanically attached over a locking bar giving greatly increased strength.


We have designed a special type of cartoning that we refer to as the cellular poly crate, which has proven to further reduce freight damaged material. 99% of the powder coated steel toilet partitions orders arrived to the jobsite damage-free. We know that this is of utmost importance to contractors and building owners.

Corner Reinforcement

Used on all steel partition at exposed corners. Mechanically fused to the edges. Doubles the strength of the corner. Also allows field repairs if and when required. Eliminates welding and grinding of the corners which removed the protective zinc coating as well as part of the metal edge.

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