Urinal Screens

Urinal Screens

Wall Hung (WHS)

Screen is 1” thick insulated panel sealed with locking bar and mitered corner reinforcements. Hung from three chrome-plated “T” brackets.

WHS-1  Powder Coated Galvanized and Bonderized-Steel.
WHS-3  Stainless Steel.
WHS-6  Solid Phenolic Core (1/2” thick panel).
WHS-7  High Density Polymer.

Wall Hung Flange (WHF)

Screen is 1” thick insulated panel with continuous anodized aluminum channel.

WHF-1  Powder Coated Galvanized and Bonderized-Steel.
WHF-3  Stainless Steel.
WHF-6  Solid Phenolic Core (1/2” thick panel).
WHF-7  High Density Polymer.

Floor Braced Screen (FBS)

Screen is 1” thick insulated panel supported by a floor supported pilaster (see Series 30 toilet partitions specification)

FBS-1  Powder Coated Galvanized and Bonderized-Steel.
FBS-3  Stainless Steel.
FBS-6  Solid Phenolic Core (1/2” thick panel).
FBS-7  High Density Polymer.

Floor Supported With Headrail (FSH)

Headrail braced 1” thick double-wall panel (see Series 40 toilet partitions specification). Panel set into extra-heavy wall extruded aluminum pilaster. Stainless steel floor shoe.

FSH-1  Powder Coated Galvanized, Bonderized-Steel panel and integrated extruded aluminum pilaster.
FSH-3  Stainless Steel panel with integrated painted rustproof, aluminum pilaster.
FSH-6  Solid Phenolic Core (1/2” thick panel – 3/4” thick pilaster). Pilaster attached to panel.
FSH-7  High Density Polymer. Pilaster attached to panel.