Toilet Partitions

Powder Coated Steel Toilet Partitions

General’s powder coated galvanized-bonderized steel is available in all styles for toilet partitions, showers, and dressing compartments. The exclusive use of galvanized-bonderized steel provides additional protection while enhancing paint adhesion. The finish is a superior quality powder coated hybrid epoxy – polyester applied electrostatically, and baked until fully cured. view details »

Stainless Steel Toilet Partitions

General’s exclusive use of stainless steel polished to a satin finish offers the ultimate in toilet partitions. The finish is protected in the manufacturing process and in shipping by a P.V.C. film which is removed at the time of installation. Scratches can be removed, and the original beauty restored by buffing. Also available with a deep textured surface, or powder coated. view details »

Plastic Laminate Toilet Partitions

Toilet partitions manufactured in our plastic laminate line utilizes high pressure laminates that meet or exceed NEMA standards. Standard core is particleboard and not recommended for high moisture areas. For high moisture areas, Solid Phenolic Core or High Density Polymer should be used. view details »

Solid Phenolic Core Toilet Partitions

Solid Phenolic toilet partitions are composed of melamine impregnated decorative surface papers superimposed over a varying number of Kraft phenolic core sheets to achieve a desired thickness, forming a one piece panel which will never delaminate. view details »

High Density Polymer Toilet Partitions

General’s H.D.P. toilet partitions, showers, and dressing compartments are manufactured using high-density polymer resin. Color is solid throughout. Compartments can never rust, rot, delaminate, or absorb odors. view details »

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Toilet Partitions

General’s F.R.P. is a highly durable toilet partition system with a resin rich surface that is durable and easy to clean. Bonded to solid 90% wood substrate core. Virtually 100% of our wood supply comes from managed forestlands.

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Color - Thru Solid Phenolic Core

Color-Thru Solid Phenolic Core Panels offer all the strength and durability of our black core phenolic, with the added advantage of consistent matching color throughout the core, forming a one piece panel which will not delaminate. view more »