Since toilet partitions are one of the last products to be installed in a building, it is vital that shipping schedules be maintained. Our policy has been to carefully establish realistic schedules and stick to them. Our customer service is handled by people who care, and are able to answer your questions.

On Schedule

Since toilet partitions are one of the last products to be installed in a building, it is vital that shipping schedules be maintained. Our policy has been to carefully establish realistic schedules and stick to them.

Custom Designs

We work with the architect and owner to incorporate the latest materials and design features for a given product. We will work up a cost base for estimating purposes and assist in engineering the project.

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Check out our recent projects and success across the globe. Service, quality, and reliability are key to our long success and happy customers.

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Product Line

Explore our range of toilet partitions, shower stalls, urinal screens, lockers, and vanities.

Toilet Partitions

General Partitions manufactures a full line of toilet partitions. We not only offer one of the finest quality toilet partitions in the industry, but we stand behind it with over 50 years of manufacturing experience allowing us to manufacture and ship on time.


Urinal Screens

Urinal screens are manufactured to the same quality standards as the toilet partitions and are available in many different styles and finishes. As an item that receives much misuse and abuse, it is important to specify the design and material that will stand up to the environmental conditions of the project.



General Partitions offers solid plastic HDPE vanity tops in many colors thus providing a perfect opportunity to match the toilet partitions. Not only does this create an aesthetically pleasing environment, but plastic vanities will never delaminate or rust.


Shower Compartments

Our experienced engineering department will work closely with you to design your shower and dressing areas. We will recommend the right design for your application, helping to select the material that will withstand the harsh moisture, while still meeting your budget.


Solid Plastic HDPE Lockers

General Partitions’ solid plastic locker is constructed of a one-piece HDPE body with no mechanical fasteners or hardware. The locker frame is attached using full length dado joints secured by continuous plastic welds. The continuous spring-loaded latch mechanism provides a vertical lift that is designed to accept a padlock.


What our customers say

We are lucky; we found a manufacturer like General Partitions. To be blunt we did not believe the advertised ``quick ship`` shipping times. But boy were we wrong, GP ships faster then you can imagine. Talk about customer service, from Engineering to shipping, Estimating & the whole gang in-between Customer Service (I wont mention any name out of fear by leaving out someone,) Boy is this a great partnership. To put it in a ``nutshell`` we wouldn't be where we are if not GP.-
Just continue as you have – General is very customer friendly and I know they do what they can for me and that means a lot in this industry! I work some with other manufacturers and no one compares to your service!-
It means everything to have a supplier with a quality product, good service, and accurate deliveries. It means our customers can rely on us.-
Product is great and customer service is great.-
General Partitions has some of the best products around. The staff is wonderful to work with and are very in tune with the customer needs and latest ADA requirements.-
I just want to thank you all for the service you have given us through out the years. You SPOIL me so much and I really appreciate it. You all are the BEST in my EYES and that is all that really matters. Right!!!!!-

General Partitions Advantages

In its corporate life, General Partitions has remained one of the few organizations of any size in our industry which is internally owned and operated.

Generals’ metal panel skins are bonded under pressure to each cell of the sound deadening Ribcore with an adhesive that is impervious to moisture. General utilizes a tight ¾” cell size to ensure greater bond and rigidity. On all metal toilet partitions, corner clips are mechanically attached over a locking bar giving greatly increased strength.


We have designed a special type of cartoning that we refer to as the cellular poly crate, which has proven to further reduce freight damaged material. 99% of the powder coated steel toilet partitions orders arrived to the jobsite damage-free. We know that this is of utmost importance to contractors and building owners.

Corner Reinforcement

Used on all steel partition at exposed corners. Mechanically fused to the edges. Doubles the strength of the corner. Also allows field repairs if and when required. Eliminates welding and grinding of the corners which removed the protective zinc coating as well as part of the metal edge.

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