Toilet & Restroom Partitions

General Partitions manufactures a full line of toilet partitions. We not only offer one of the finest toilet partition in the industry, but we stand behind it with our many years of manufacturing, allowing us to fabricate, and ship on time. Remember, at General Partitions, we manufacture toilet partitions—not excuses! view more »

Shower/Dressing Compartments

Our experienced engineering department will work closely with you to design your shower and dressing areas. We will recommend the right design for your application, helping to select the material that will withstand the harsh moisture, while still meeting your budget. view more »

Urinal Screens

Urinal screens are manufactured to the same quality standards as the toilet partition themselves, in many different styles and finishes. As an item that receives much misuse and abuse, it is important to specify the design, and material that will stand up to the environmental conditions of the project. As with the toilet partitions, and showers, we will be help with determining the best option for your application, and budget. view more »


General Partitions solid plastic locker is constructed of a one-piece HDP body with no mechanical fasteners or hardware. The locker frame is attached using full length dado joints secured by continuous plastic welds. The continuous spring-loaded latch mechanism provides a vertical lift that is designed to accept a padlock. The latch mechanism is attached to the length of the door, providing a continuous, secure latch.
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